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It is usually fairly obvious when there is a blockage in a drain. Noticed a foul smell? Standing water or water failing to drain as quickly as it should? Your drain is probably blocked. 

However, damage to the interior actual drain and pipework is not always as obvious to detect. Often, a tree or plant root will be the culprit, which will then cause frequent blockages that are not only expensive to repair, but potentially hazardous to the health of your staff and customers. 

Simply put, if left unchecked, damage to a drain could have serious implications to your business further down the line. 
Drain lining is a highly effective, non-destructive method of ensuring your drains remain in full working order. Drain lining fits a protective layer to the interior walls of your drains, which forms a reinforced lining to prevent cracks and other damage that could be caused to your drains. And as no digging or excavation is needed, drain lining is far less costly to your business – you can continue working as normal as work is carried out. 

Benefits of drain lining

  • Fast and affordable
  • Suitable for pipes of all sizes
  • No digging or excavation required
  • No downtime to your business
  • Small or large areas of damage can be repaired
  • Improved water flow 
  • Increased drain lifespan
If you would like to know more about drain lining, please call CDS Ltd on 01268 527335. Our team will be more than happy to talk through options and arrange a free, no-obligation site visit at your convenience.

Installing and lining

The drain liner is manufactured from fibre glass matting, which is either blown or winched into place. Once fitted, the resin is cured (hardened) to form a solid inner pipe. 

Depending on the extent of the damage, our drain lining can be fitted in a matter of hours, and can be fitted to pipes from as small as 50mm diameter to over a metre in diameter. 

Plus, if only one small part of the pipe has been damaged, patch relining is a highly cost-effective way of repairing a specific area of drain. 
CDS Ltd offer a 10 year guarantee on all drain repairs - call Commercial Drainage Services Essex Ltd

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