Drain Repairs

Drain Repairs

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Commercial Drainage Services Essex Ltd in South East Essex, CDS Ltd Clean drains in Basildon

Drain Repairs | CDS Ltd

Go with the flow...
Once a drainage problem has been identified by either a CCTV Survey or visual inspection we can get to work for you.

A little background for you!

Lining or "no dig technology", is really quiet miss leading, it is really is "a least dig".
We always jet the line to ensure that it is clear and clean before inserting the CCTV camera to check the areas that require lining.

Pipe lining, is as you can imagine, a great tool to leverage your current infrastructure for another 20 to 50 years depending on multiple factors.

Lining is a quick, and effective way to repair your drainage system.

Lining Sizes

100 mm 
150 mm 

A minimum of 9 metres charged, this is because time on site is included in the cost, so you only pay one fixed cost. Because value for money is important to us all.

Cost Benefits of Lining are

  • A fraction of the cost compared to digging up drains
  • Limits any disruption to a minimum
  • Strengthens weak spots
  • Increased flow rate due to the materials used
  • Stops roots from entering into the pipework
  • As you can see lining delivers value for money
  • Covers fractures, cracks and breaks to extend the life of the drain

Above 150mm

Commercial Drainage Services lining engineers are highly trained, qualified and best of all exceptionally experienced in lining.


The area to be lined is measured and then the material is cut to size. Then the resin is poured into the material, this is called "wetting out". The liner is then dragged into the drain.

The calibration hose, a large air bag is then inserted into the liner and inflated. This forms the liner to the drain, then it takes time to "cure" i.e. to set. This curing can be effected by temperature and can range from 1 to 6 hours.

All the lining installations are then re surveyed to ensure that they have take successfully.

Our lining is compliant to WRC, water Authority regulations and standards.
CDS Ltd offer a 10 year guarantee on all drain repairs - call Commercial Drainage Services Essex Ltd

Get in contact with CDS Ltd on 01268 527335 or through our contact form for a FREE, no obligation quote and friendly, professional advice.

NADC Commercial Drainage Services Essex Ltd in South East Essex, CDS Ltd Clean drains in Basildon


Commercial Drainage Services Essex Ltd is accredited to the National Association of Drainage Contractors

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